The Oldest Restaurant in Paris

13 rue de l'Ancienne-Comédie, 6eParis

Fun Facts:
-Oldest Restaurants, opened in 1686
-Serves French Food
-Entrees between 20-29 Euro
-Reviewers liked the:
     *Coq Au Vin
      *Onion Soup
      *Creme Brûlée
-Café Procope was refurbished in 1988 to 1989 in 18th-century style. It received Pompeian red walls, crystal chandeliers, 18th century oval portraits of famous people that have been patrons, and a tinkly piano. The waiters were dressed in quasi-revolutionary uniforms.
- Diderot, Voltaire, George Sand, Victor Hugo, and Oscar Wilde has ate there

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