Day 2 in Paris

Wednesday 13 (Louvre)
8am wake up & get ready
Metro: Tuileries Line 1 to Palais Royal- Musee du Louvre
Musee du Louvre (see print out Louvre guide) 22
Walk to Dinner; Right Rue du Louvre; Left Rue Saint- Honore; On Right side
Bistrot du 1er
95, Rue Saint Honoré 75001
Try Ttoro (Scampi, Mussels in pot) Cote
de Porc Fermier (Pork Chop) Onglet de Boeuf (Beef Hanger steak with shallots &
potato gratin)
Metro: Louvre Rivoli to Champs Elysees Line 1 to Gaite Line 13
Le Petit Journal (Jazz Club)
13 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte, 75014
Metro: Gaite
Metro: Gaite Line 13 to Invalides Line 8 to Concorde


Day 1 in Paris

I have already schedule for our first day in Paris. Just waiting to make dinner reservation!

Tuesday 12 (Champs- Elysees & Palais- Royal)
11:25 AM arrival
BlackLane Car Service to Hotel
Pre-Check in/ Drop off Luggage

Metro: Tuileries Line 1 to Charles de Gaulle Etoile
Arc de Triomphe 38
Walk down Champs Elysees *If you see bread & fruit buy some
Launduree (Macaroons or french toast) for breakfasts
Place de la Concorde (Obelisque) 134
Angelina’s Dessert (226 Rue de Rivoli)
Return to Hotel to relax and get ready for dinner

Walk: Left out Hotel; Left Rue D’Alger; Right Rue Saint-Honore; Left Rue Saint-Roch;
Right Rue des Petits Champs; Past Rue Vivienne; Restaurant on Left
Bistrot Vivienne
4 Rue des Petits Champs, 75002 (15 minute Walk)

Hotel to get some sleep


We are going to Paris!!*

If you haven't noticed already- I am completely in love with all things Paris! I went to Paris days after my 18th birthday with classmates and haven't stopped thinking about it since I left. I am always given Paris related items for my birthdays and holidays. My kitchen is decorated in Paris scenery. All I can ever think about is going back to Paris. It would have been wonderful to go on my honeymoon to Paris, but at that time we just needed an easy trip because we were moving to California ten days later.

At the end of June, Daniel's grandmother passed away. Although I didn't know her very well, I know we had the same love for Paris. She was French. At that time I was also having a quarter-life crisis, just having my 25th birthday. Ten days before my birthday I got a sketch of the Eiffel Tower tattooed on my back. I also know a good amount of people I graduated with that are starting to have children. Now I have strong opinions about having children early on- but my issue was more of the luxury of not having children so that I can see the world. It has been seven years since I have been out of the country. And I know living in California is huge part of why I haven't got out of the country until now. On the plane back from his grandma's funeral I wrote about how life is short and how much I think of Paris. It ended by "It's been seven years too long. I need to be in Paris!" I also convinced Daniel that this year would be the best because we have no idea on where his career will take him next year.

Although I convinced Daniel to say yes, it still has taken over a month to actually buy the plane tickets. I was able to find a Marriott hotel in the heart of city for 114 Euros a night! I then got it confirmed off with work! I am using airline miles to pay for my plane ticket and we are using Daniel's school money to pay for his. I have also outlined the next paychecks before our departure to know how much to set aside for meals, museum entrances, and metro rides. We are going to do the Paris Museum Pass which will save us at least 10 Euros each, maybe more if we squeeze in a few more places. We will also be buying a booklet for the metro.

We depart November 11 and will be back November 20. I'm looking forward to going in November, the weather should be chilly, but we plan on spending lots of times indoors at the museums! We also think this is an excellent time to go because there shouldn't be as many tourists! I have already gotten myself a fancy cream coat and will be buying brown gloves to match. Daniel still has his nice coat that looks like a suit coat he got a few years back at Express.

We have already started our research so we can fit as much in as possible. We bought two books off Amazon, borrowed a few books from the lady I work with who went in the spring, and have been doing some online research from blogs! Our itinerary will be very tight, with lots of walking.

I know some people might be angry thinking this is a bad investment with our money; but my parents have taught me that trips bring so much insight and happiness to your life. And if not now, then maybe never. I have a desire to go to many places around the world and Daniel has interest as well. We know the world has so much to offer and we can't see it!