Cinemtiere de Passy

-Opened in 1820
-Located at 2 rue Commandant-Schloessing in the 16th arrondissement. Get off at the Trocadero metro stop and look for the Passy Cimetiere exit. With your back to the Eiffel Tower, the cemetery is located just across the Place du 11 Novembre from the Trocadero. In fact you can see the wall of the cemetery straight ahead, and keeping the wall to your right follow the avenue Paul Doumer for a few yards but then switch over to the rue Commandant-Schloessing and the entrance is on your right.
-Here you will find Impressionist painters Edouard Manet and Berthe Morisot, Romantic composers Claude DeBussy and Gabriel Faure, noted French aviators Costes and Bellonte, aircraft designer Henry Farman, American silent screen star Pearl White,("Perils of Pauline"), and all sitting in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.
-Site of Claude Debussy who played Clair de Lune
-Closed Sundays

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