the Fabulous Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge opened in late 1889 was inspired by the circus and introduced the can-can dance. It was an "extravagant place with its huge dance floor, mirrors everywhere, and galleries that were the last word in elegance." Not only can Moulin Rouge show you a good time, it has so much history.
To visit Moulin Rouge their are different rates available depending on the experience one is wanting. Just an evening show is 95 Euro. To add a half of bottle of Champagne is 105 Euro. They offer dinner at 7pm then the show at 9pm for 175 Euro for the Toulouse- Lautrec menu or 200 Belle Epoque Menu.  They do ask you to dress in elegant attire, but a tie and jacket aren't necessary).

Visit their website: v=http://www.moulinrouge.fr/index_gb.php#.

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